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6 calories

Serving: 1

Unit: shrimp

Serving Weight: 5gm

0 gm

1 gm

0 gm

0 mg

0 gm
Dietry Fiber

0 gm
Saturated Fats

47 mg

0 gm

9 mg

Although, the terms prawns and shrimp are used to mean more or less the same thing - they are a kind of seafood that comes with an outer shell, which holds inside the soft and boneless goodness loaded with protein.    FAQs -   
  1. Is it healthy to eat Prawns?
  Definitely. Not only Prawns contain a high amount of protein, but they are also rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and the antioxidant astaxanthin which promote the health of your brain and your heart. They also contain minerals such as Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Selenium, Phosphorus, Copper, and Magnesium - which helps in building stronger bones, improved blood flow. Prawns are extremely healthy for pregnant women since they provide additional nutrition needed for the development of fetus.   
  1. Are Prawns and Shrimp different?
  Prawns and Shrimp are two completely different species, even though they have the same nutritional benefits and taste almost similar with minor variations in flavour and texture. Most dishes use shrimps and prawns in place of one another, so there is really no reason to worry about the differences as far as your interest is only in eating them.   
  1. Are Prawns safe to eat?
  Experts in the US found that the farm-grown prawns that are sold in supermarkets - 60 % of them were hosting bacteria such as E. coli, salmonella, vibrio, and MRSA. Prime reason for this is that prawns are grown in extremely unhygienic and crowded farms.    You should always opt for wild prawns. But if you have only farm-grown prawns available, then make sure to cook them thoroughly so that all the bacteria are killed - because raw prawns can cause violent food poisoning. 

Burn 6 calories by doing just anything you love.

Change Body Weight 70kg

Running,1 minute

Running 6 mph (10-minute mile)

Swimming, 1 minute

Swimming 2 mph

Jogging, 1 minute

Jogging (1 mile every 12 min)

Activity Time to burn 6 Calories
Walking slowly, less than 2 mph 3 minutes
Gardening, light 3 minutes
General house cleaning 2 minutes
Walking briskly, 3 mph 2 minutes
Heavy yard work or gardening 1 minute
Climbing stairs 1 minute
Bicycling, casual, less than 10 mph 1 minute
Dancing (ballet or modern) 1 minute
Snorkeling 1 minute
Mowing the lawn with hand mower 1 minute
Shoveling snow 1 minute
Strenuous hiking 1 minute
Rowing or kayaking 1 minute
Skiing, downhill 1 minute
Bicycling, 10–16 mph 1 minute
Aerobic calisthenics 1 minute
Singles tennis 1 minute
Standing 4 minutes
Reading 3 minutes
talking on telephone 3 minutes
Sitting in class 3 minutes
studying 3 minutes
note taking 3 minutes
playing musical instrument 3 minutes
Light gardening 3 minutes
Light office work 3 minutes
watch repair 3 minutes
micro-assembly 3 minutes
light assembly 3 minutes
bartending 3 minutes
store clerk 3 minutes
assembling 3 minutes
filing 3 minutes
Walking downstairs 2 minutes
Cooking 2 minutes
light housekeeping 2 minutes
shopping 2 minutes
Pushing stroller with child 2 minutes
walking dog 2 minutes
Walking at an average pace (2-2.5 mi/hr) 2 minutes
slow dancing 2 minutes
Golf using power cart 2 minutes
bowling 2 minutes
fishing 2 minutes
repair heavy parts 2 minutes
assemble heavy parts 2 minutes
auto repair 2 minutes
pack boxes for moving 2 minutes
nursing 2 minutes
driving heavy tractor 2 minutes
driving bus 2 minutes
driving truck 2 minutes
Washing car 2 minutes
Washing windows 2 minutes
mopping 2 minutes
moderately vigorous playing with children 2 minutes
sweeping outside house 2 minutes
vacuuming 2 minutes
picking fruit or vegetables 2 minutes
scrubbing floors 2 minutes
Walking at a brisk pace (1 mi every 20 min) 1 minute
Weight lifting 1 minute
water aerobics 1 minute
Golf not carrying clubs 1 minute
leisurely canoeing 1 minute
leisurely kayaking 1 minute
in office - not carrying anything 1 minute
in office - carrying only light articles 1 minute
climbing stairs 1 minute
dancing (moderately fast) 1 minute
leisurely bicycling <10 mph 1 minute
Raking lawn 1 minute
planting shrubs 1 minute
weeding garden 1 minute
gardening activities 1 minute
Masonry 1 minute
painting 1 minute
paper hanging 1 minute
moderately heavy lifting 1 minute
moderately heavy farm work 1 minute
Slow swimming 1 minute
Golf carrying clubs 1 minute
Walking at a very brisk pace (one mi every 15 min) 1 minute
Most doubles tennis 1 minute
Dancing (more rapid) 1 minute
Some exercise apparatuses 1 minute
carrying objects about 25-49 lb 1 minute
Digging 1 minute
spading 1 minute
vigorous gardening 1 minute
using heavy power tools 1 minute
mowing lawn (hand mower) 1 minute
Painting 1 minute
carpentry 1 minute
cleaning gutters 1 minute
laying carpet 1 minute
Chopping wood 1 minute
Slow jogging (one mi every 13 to 14 min) 1 minute
Ice or roller skating 1 minute
Doubles tennis (if you run a lot) 1 minute
Using heavy tools (not power) such as shovel, pick, spade 1 minute
driving heavy machinery 1 minute
forestry 1 minute
Hiking 1 minute
Rowing 1 minute
canoeing 1 minute
kayaking vigorously 1 minute
Dancing (vigorous) 1 minute
Bicycling 10 to 16 mph 1 minute
Swimming laps moderately fast to fast 1 minute
aerobic calisthenics 1 minute
squash 1 minute
racquetball 1 minute
Jogging (1 mile every 12 min) 1 minute
cross country 1 minute
Heavy farming work 1 minute
Running 6 mph (10-minute mile) 1 minute
Running 8 mph (7.5-minute mile) 0 minute
Running 10 mph (6-minute mile) 0 minute